About LED

Introducing LED lighting products to a new industry (LED lighting industry) still in its infancy, even products of superior quality and specifications, is always an exercise fraught with challenges. Even more so the LED products of a new brand in South Africa competing with established international brands in the lighting industry.

To persuade customers who have little if any knowledge of LED lights and or had bad experiences with poor quality LED lights, to make the move to LED lighting, is one of the first challenges faced by the LEDTEK team. Our objective is to educate customers why paying more for their LED lights is actually saving them money.

We convert customers to LED light users by calculating the electricity saving that will arise from replacing their cur- rent lights with LED alternatives and explain the saving in maintenance cost as good quality LED lights will last up to 50,000 hours.

Once customers understand that LED lights are ‘green’ products, that they have a 50,000 hour or approximately five year life span which also results in a maintenance saving,
the next test is to convince them that LEDTEK products, rather than the traditional market leaders, is the way to go. By providing comparisons between LEDTEK’s products and that of our competitors and with the aid of live demonstrations, we are able to visually demonstrate the LEDTEK impact.

To introduce the LEDTEK concept and product range to the local market, they are embarking on an extensive campaign of print media advertorials and advertisements, broadcast media including radio and TV interviews and advertisements as well as maintaining a presence at relevant exhibitions.

LEDTEK South Africa’s vision for the future is to be the acknowledged market leader of LED light products for all industries in South Africa and Africa.