Why LED´s ?

We work only with the best quality LED chips,   produced by leading manufacturers around  the world.
Because we buy big volumes directly from these manufacturers we can offer you the best deal.

The LED lamps we offer you :

  • consume 90% less energy compared to incandescent and halogen  lamps.
  • consume 60% less energy compared to fluorescent  lamps.
  • do not emit Carbon, hence reducing the  carbon emission from  60% up to 90%.
  • have an extremely long  lifespan, lasting from at least 25.000 hours to 50 000 hours.
  • due to the long lifespan, there is no need for frequent replacement hence avoiding maintenance and replacement costs.
  • have no heat buildup, hence the lamp remains cool.
  • are durable and resistant to quick movements and is shock absorbent .
  • keeps the same  colour rendering throughout the lifetime.
  • immediately gives 100% light output when they are switched on compared to fluorescent, mercury vapor and metal halide lamps which require warm up time.
  • can be switched on/off more than 100.000 times.
  • have no ultraviolet and infrared radiation, hence does not attract insects and is ideal for outdoor use.
  • have high colour rendering as opposed to fluorescent and cheap LEDs available on the market.
  • have no mercury, which is a neurotoxin, providing a safe environment for the family.