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As a young child I found myself talking apart radios and any electrical equipment I could get hold of to see how they work and how I could improve them. Now adays with over 27 years of hands-on experience, I have personally achieved over 23 patents and design registra- tions as well as, in 1999, being the first to globally release and promote the NEXTGEN HID electronic ballast. This achievement did not come easy and for the next ten years I saw myself perfecting the NEXTGEN electronic ballast for the commercial industry.

This was followed-up with some newer products and designs like the LEDTEK StarLight, Sensor glass touch switch light and a mini solar power station for the not so privileged and the power conscience.

LEDTEK Global evolved from a sister company, Anartelle, which was established in Australia in 1998. In 2005 LEDTEK Corporation was established and took over the operations of Anartelle with a main objective of creating a true manufacturing wholesale supplier.

LEDTEK Global, with its manufacturing units and export operations, is a leading global developer, manufacturer and marketer of premium electrical and LED lighting products.
In ten countries the Master Licensees and 125 associates supply these products to distributors and wholesalers in all industries including construction, commercial retail, horticul- tural, domestic and other industries.

Our exceptional service and products meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our Master Licensees, associates, wholesalers and customers irrespective of how big or small the project is.

Master Licensees, associates and distributors around the world live our strategy, vision and mission. Customers’ current and future business needs and specifications, innovation, timeliness, value, quality and integrity are the cornerstones of our vision, mission and strategy and form the basis of the LEDTEK philosophies.

With our new partners, LEDTEK Africa and LEDTEK South Africa, 2014 and beyond will see more innovations and achievements.

Global player in LED Lighting Industry

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